Building Analytics from the Ground Up

Braingrid Corporation connects real-time sensor data and data science to create actionable insights for cannabis cultivators.


As the cannabis industry grows in Canada, so does the competition. This means that producers need to consistently deliver high-quality product in order to stay on top. To do this growers are looking to collect vast amounts of data and use it to drive their decisions. Braingrid Corporation makes this possible by providing an easy-to-install environmental sensing platform that continuously collects data. To help customers use their data more effectively Braingrid knew they needed to bring analytics and machine learning to the cannabis industry. With these tools, cultivators could optimize for environmental conditions and operational practices.

Strategy and Solution

I led the analytics team to build the data science and analytics services from the ground up. The approach was to collect customer feedback about data science needs in the industry and transform these into services that brought revenue.

VOC Analytics

To this end, the analytics team built a ‘Voice of the Customer’ platform for collecting and analyzing sales blockers and customer feedback. The results of this analysis were used to inform product direction and positioning. It became clear that customer demands fell into two broad categories – customers who wanted quick-to-digest insights delivered on an ongoing basis and those who wanted support and direction on solving specific challenges.

Braingrid Data Intelligence

I built the Braingrid Data Intelligence R package that makes it fast to transform environmental data into quick-to-digest reports that growers can immediately act on. This makes it possible for growers to see useful metrics and charts about their data, such as vapor pressure deficit (VPD) analytics, water characteristic curves, Powdery Mildew Risk, and Spider Mite Risk. See the full analytics catalogue.

Analytics and Data Science Consulting

Many customers also sought out solutions for large-scale problems, such as microclimate issues, sub-optimal fertigation practices, and reducing energy use. In response I created data science consulting services. To ensure that every project went smoothly and sucessfully, I established the SOPs for solutions delivery. This included all processes involved in project ideation, framework, data assessment, solution delivery, and project handoff.


Braingrid now offers analytics that are tailored to customer needs. Since initiation, Braingrid has successfully deployed data science solutions at several cannabis facilities. Braingrid’s analytics offering is a future-ready system that is made for continuous change, and most importantly, meets the needs of cultivators in the cannabis industry.