Building Analytics from the Ground Up

Braingrid Corporation provides an affordable, easy-to-install sensor platform for precision agriculture. To keep pace with evolving customer expectations, Braingrid wanted to provide valuable grow analytics to customers. Vanessa led Braingrid’s journey toward advanced cultivation analytics by building their offering from the ground up. Today, Braingrid delivers AI-powered analytics solutions, with a larger vision and strategy in place. READ MORE.

Showcasing Innovative Technology

URSA Lighting manufactures innovative LED lighting products for industrial applications and wanted to break into the cannabis market. To do this, URSA knew they needed to showcase their expertise in both lighting and cultivation. Vanessa highlighted URSA’s value and expertise to this emerging industry by creating case studies, technical white papers, presentations, and webinars. READ MORE.

Using AI to Reduce Time-to-Market

Syngenta’s soybean breeding process is highly technical and time consuming. To bring a new cultivar to market can take up to 9 years and lots of testing resources. Syngenta wanted to optimize their soybean breeding process to reduce time-to-market and improve yields. Vanessa used AI technique to analyze years of weather, soil, yield, and remote sensing data to predict the success of new commercial cultivars before they go to market. READ MORE.