Showcasing Innovative Lighting Technology

URSA Lighting is disrupting the LED industry by bringing powerful, innovative, and well-designed lighting products to market.


URSA Lighting is a Califonia-based LED lighting manufacturer that designs the world’s most powerful single-source LED products. URSA Lighting wished to transition into the horticultural and cannabis markets with their innovative Optilux LED light. To show cultivators their value, URSA needed to position themselves as leaders in horticultural lighting research. This was challenging considering that, government regulations at the time prevented academic researchers from studying cannabis

Strategy and Solution

To solve this challenge, I led R&D collaborations with customers and university research groups to better gear LED technology toward the horticultural industry and to establish evidence that switching from traditional HPS lighting to LED technology has a significant ROI for growers.

Optimizing Yield with Innovative LEDs

Various plant species and growth stages have different lighting requirements that need to be thoroughly researched. To move research forward, I with licensed producers to conduct controlled experiments that sought to find the optimal spectral formula for their facility and cannabis varieties. This required careful collection of spectral, environmental, and genetic data. From there, I optimized the spectral formula using ML techniques.

Creating Customer Stories

In total, six research collaborations were established. From them, I created a variety of customer success stories that featured URSA Lighting products used effectively in small- and large-scale cannabis facilities and greenhouses. I also created a number of webinars that further highlight how URSA products could be used in commercial greenhouses.


URSA’s Optilux light has gained acceptance among cannabis growers by positioning themselves as experts in horticultural research. Their website now features a variety of educational and use-case articles that underscores their expertise in the cannabis market. URSA has also narrowed-in on the optimal spectrum for cannabis growth and are able to offer customers a range of spectral option to meet their cultivation needs.